What is Electron Beam Welding?

Electron Beam WeldingElectron Beam Welding is a reliable and cost-effective method used to join a wide range of metals. From pacemakers used in the medical industry to sensors used on military aircraft, Electron Beam applications are almost limitless. The welding is performed under vacuum pressure, therefore the welds are clean and free from oxidation and contaminants.

Due to the extreme density and precise controls of the electrons, high weld “depth to width” ratios can be achieved, up to 20-1 is obtainable. With minimal or no distortion, Electron Beam welding is often the final step of a production sequence.

Electron Beam WeldingWhy use Electron Beam Welding?

 Electron Beam welding can offer advantages such as lower heat input, minimal heat-affected zone, and no part distortion. These attributes make it ideal for the welding of intricate final assembly products or sensors that have delicate instrumentation close to the weld joint.

Electron Beam Weld Profile

The comparison of an EB Weld versus conventional TIG/MIG welding illustrates Electron Beam Weldinghow it can reduce or eliminate distortion and the need for secondary operations.

Electron Beam Welding can also save money by reducing joint preparation costs and repeatable settings reduce the risk of operator error.

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