helium testing machine

Helium Leak Testing

Electron Beam Industries offers both “Sniff” and “Bomb” type methods to detect leakage with a sensitivity range below 1×10-10 atm. scc/sec.  We stock numerous test fixtures and adapters to keep fabrication fees to a minimum cost while at the same time offering fixture fabrication if needed.   

weld inspection

Weld Inspection

EBI has in-house capabilities to cross-section through welded joints that involve cutting and coarse/fine grounding techniques. The resultant finish is adequate for etching, followed by an examination of the macro features of the weld joint up to 100x magnification. 

Some of the features we examine are listed below:

  • Weld Geometry 
  • Number of weld passes
  • Depth of Penetration
  • Extent of HAZ (Heat Affected Zone)
  • Surface Imperfections such as cracks, undercut, excessive throat, convexity and weld toe angle
  • Internal Imperfections such as cracks, porosity, inclusions, lack of fusion, lack of penetration
  • Joint Geometry Imperfections such as root gap, root face and misalignment

non destructive testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

EBI works closely with several local testing houses to offer NDT services such as Radiographic, Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspections. Our close relationships with these testing houses allow us to offer competitive pricing and excellent turn around times.



EBI offers both design and fabrication of welding and testing fixtures, saving customers the time or hassle of having to generate the needed tooling to successfully weld their parts.

pickup and delivery

Pickup and Delivery

EBI offers FREE pick-up and delivery services to local customers which allows us to reduce lead times and gives everyone peace of mind knowing they are not being handled by 3rd party shipping services. Contact us to learn more.